Twitter | Twitter login and Twitter app/apk download

Twitter | Twitter login and Twitter app/apk download



Of course, we have to say yes to the official twitter app. Interestingly, the official twitter app is one of the less cluttered options on the list. It does what you need it to do, nothing more. It will be the first to support new twitter features. This includes things like Twitter Moments, Live Lens, Fleet, and finally the new Twitter Places feature. It's completely free, and it even has decent sync settings. Its biggest appeal, though, is having Twitter features that third-party apps don't get. Twitter,twitter app,twitter apk,twitter login twitter apk download

Twitter APP for Android

As long as you are connected to the Internet, the official Twitter app will allow you to continue using one of the most extensive social networks of the time, anytime, anywhere.

From the app's home page, you can perform all the usual Twitter functions: follow and unfollow other users, tweet, retweet, and more. The main advantage of using the Twitter app instead of going directly to the website is that it is easier to use and receive constant notifications in the notification shade of your Android device. Also, the difference in functionality is practically priceless. Twitter,twitter app,twitter apk,twitter login twitter apk download

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How to get back a chronological timeline on Twitter

In 2016, Twitter made a dubious decision to enable the option to view the timeline out of chronological order by default. Instead, our timelines follow their own algorithm, making certain tweets visible. According to Twitter's official account, this change, which attempts to expand the use of the social network beyond our own network of personal contacts, will soon be overhauled. Even so, there are already ways to revert to traditional chronological order and even get rid of the recommendations and "just in case" sections that plague so many users. Twitter,twitter app,twitter apk,twitter login twitter apk download

When you tweet from the app, along with a share link and 140-character text, you can now take photos and videos and share them directly in your tweets. Videos can last up to 30 seconds and don't loop, making them longer (and less looping) than Vine, the Twitter-owned video app.

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